fertilize your bonsai

Provide your bonsai with the nutrition it deserves

by Valentina Addante

Spring has arrived, it's time to prepare everything you need to fertilize your bonsai!

The first question you may be asking yourself is: what product do I use?

The range of fertilizers that the market offers is vast, but let's focus on the specific bonsai fertilizers

Let's start making a distinction between mineral-type fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

Mineral fertilizers have a faster action than organic ones. Care must be taken on how to fertilize your bonsai correctly, an incorrect dosage could burn the plant.

For this reason, among all the products on the market, we have chosen CIFO SLOW , mineral yes, but with slow release. With one administration, you ensure about 3-4 months of nutrition for your bonsai, without compromising its health.

cifo slow

Cifo Slow

Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, of 100% natural origin, provide the necessary nutrients gradually and safely.

Among the best known and used, there are Biogold and Hanagokoro , and both in pellet format, easy to dose.





Just leave them on the soil surface of your bonsai, they will decompose , releasing the necessary nutrients as you go to water.

And now which one to choose? Better fast and mineral or slow and natural?

Why not both at the same time!

For this reason Pollice Verde has chosen to create an Organo-Mineral Fertilizer .

organic mineral fertilizer

Organo-mineral fertilizer

Its consistency in micro-granules has the right thrust and effectiveness of a mineral fertilizer (without risk of burns), combined with the creation of a micro-biologically healthy environment.

Fertilization must always be done away from periods of vegetative rest, OK in spring and autumn, NO in summer and winter.

When to fertilize your bonsai
Fertilization cycle

Prefer fertilizers richer in nitrogen in spring, to stimulate the vegetation. While opting for the richest in potassium in autumn, to encourage the development of woody tissues.

Last important advice, NEVER fertilize immediately after repotting. This is a very delicate moment for the plant, avoid overloading it with things to do!

Now you know how to fertilize your bonsai! Do you have any doubts?

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