Cochineal? No thanks!

Know it to prevent it

by Valentina Addante

The heat has arrived and with it she begins to appear: the cochineal.

It is a parasite, which by attaching itself to the leaf blade, manages to pierce it to suck its sap.

Furthermore, by sucking the sap, it releases the so-called "honeydew", a sugary substance, which ants are fond of; for this reason the cochineal is often accompanied by an invasion of ants! 😱

Magnification of the parasite

To the naked eye, it appears mostly in the form of a cotton swab or a white or black shield.

Cotton Cochineal

Shield Cochineal

Now you are wondering why it forms, can I prevent it? Sure!

The first thing to do for your bonsai is to choose a place for him with good air circulation; the cochineal loves closed places with poor ventilation.

Another action to take is constant stapling; even the vegetation that is too dense can create poor ventilation and therefore favor the cochineal.

Have you come to read this article too late?

Don't panic!

Immediately intervene with the Cifo Anticocciniglia based on mineral oil , ready to use, without the need to dilute it.

Anti-cochineal based on Mineral Oil - Cifo

Wait until the sun has set and spray it directly on the canopy, making sure to wet both the upper and lower foils of the leaf and repeat the operation after about 7 days.

As soon as you are sure to have eradicated them, give your bonsai a good clean; add a drop of degreaser to the water, it will allow you to remove the residual greasy patina present on the leaves, making it come back as good as new!

And if for you prevention is better than cure, with the first heat, immediately apply the BIO CIFO based on 100% natural Linseed Oil

BIO anti-cochineal based on Linseed Oil - Cifo

100% organic and natural, it will create the natural insect barrier your bonsai needs, does not need to be diluted and can be applied directly to the leaves.

Now you know!

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