Right season to repot bonsai

Deciduous or evergreen?

Discover the right season to repot!

by Valentina Addante

Repotting is a procedure through which all bonsai should pass approximately every two/three years.

This procedure is recognized as the most gentle for a plant.

Take a look at our article " It's time to repot " to learn more about all the operational phases and useful tools.

It's time to repot

In addition to following the correct operating phases, it is essential to know the right season to repot bonsai .

Repotting in the wrong season could even be lethal for the plant itself.

At this point you may be wondering but what is the right season to repot bonsai ?

First of all, make sure if your bonsai is a deciduous one, such as the maple or the elm which loses its leaves in the vegetative rest period or if it is an evergreen, such as the olive or juniper and therefore maintains its vegetation all year round .

Deciduous bonsai

Exemplary of deciduous

In the case of deciduous , it is necessary to act in the moment between the loss of the leaves and the opening of the first buds, roughly from late autumn to early spring.

Operating at this time will help preserve the integrity of future vegetation.

Furthermore, being at complete rest, in general, it is possible to prune the roots in a more drastic way, without this damaging the plant itself.

Evergreen bonsai

Exemplary of evergreen

While for the evergreen , constantly maintaining its vegetation, it is possible to repot until late spring.

Contrary to deciduous, it requires a more contained pruning of the roots, in order to preserve the balance between the root system and the existing vegetation.

sheltered bonsai

Heat and humidity

Essential in both cases is that the bonsai is not exposed to the cold and is sheltered from the wind which could cause irreparable damage, as the roots develop in hot and humid conditions.

Is something still not clear to you about the right season to repot bonsai or do you prefer to entrust yourself to the hands of our experts?

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