The payment of the order can be made with the following methods:

KOMODO is the new form of payment managed by Pollice Verde Store, without any intermediary.

It consists in being able to pay the amount you want and in the times you want in a maximum of 4 MONTHS.

How does it work? To activate KOMODO it will be necessary to pay 10% of the total amount of the order WITHIN 7 DAYS from the order confirmation and complete it WITHIN 4 MONTHS of the same, only by bank transfer.

The amount of the payment and the moment in which to do it is decided freely by the customer, within the limits of 4 months, without any constraint.

The customer must send a copy of the payment via WhatsApp to the number: +39 351 949 3970 or email to:

The shipment of the product will be made only after payment has been completed .

IMPORTANT If the total payment is not completed within 4 months, this involves the cancellation of the order and relative loss of the 10% paid. If there has been the payment of other tranches, these will be repaid via Bank Transfer to the same coordinates from which they were issued, withholding only the 10% share.

After 14 days from the order confirmation date, it will no longer be possible to modify or cancel the order.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express circuits are accepted

IMPORTANT For payments by credit card, make sure that your card is enabled for online purchases and that you have the relative passwords, your telephone where the message with the authentication code will be sent to you, or any other tool has been indicated by your bank.

Pollice Verde di Gianfranco Chiapperini

Bank details will be sent via email upon order confirmation.

Money transfer via Paypal circuit

It is a form of payment in installments (only 2, 3 or 4 installments) to be made exclusively with the use of a credit card, it is not a loan and therefore not subject to income assessment; this method has no additional costs as the interest is subsidized by The minimum amount of the installment is 50.00 euros, therefore for 2 installments the minimum purchase is € 100.00, for 3 installments the purchase minimum is €150.00 and for 4 installments the minimum purchase is €200.00.                         

The first debit takes place at the time of the order and the subsequent ones every 30 days. automatically on the credit card indicated.

Cash on delivery is possible only for shipping in Italy.

The order will be confirmed only after receipt of payment, therefore only in the case of bank transfer will it be necessary to wait for the processing day of the same.