- How do you ship the bonsai? Don't they suffer during transport?

We pack the bonsai in such a way as to guarantee the life of the plant and prevent branches from breaking or breaking the bonsai pot.

First of all, we pack the pot in order to also ensure that the humidity remains in the clod of the plant, and then, once inserted into a cardboard, it is all filled with polystyrene in order to guarantee 360-degree protection of the plant.

For larger plants, on the other hand, we create ad hoc wooden structures on a platform, in order to anchor the plant to the whole structure and avoid any impact.

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- I would like to give or give myself a bonsai but I really don't know which one to choose!

If you don't know how to choose the right bonsai to give as a gift, whether to take it indoors or outdoors, simple to take care of or a more technical bonsai, then you can contact our staff who will guide you in choosing the most suitable bonsai for your case, for the climate in you live in and your experience with this world.

- If I buy a bonsai do you include any advice on how to take care of it?

Of course, for each bonsai purchased, we include in the package a botanical card with all the advice on how to maintain and care for the bonsai just purchased, we also offer telephone support for any doubts or clarifications regarding the plant.