Find the right vase!

Find your way around the jungle of pots

by Valentina Addante

If you are not one of those who have the immediate shock of the perfect pot for their bonsai, then you are in the right place!

Finding your way around the jungle of bonsai pots is anything but simple and you often risk getting lost.

Let's start by saying that in the bonsai world, the pot is anything but a secondary element; it is rather the equivalent of the frame for a painting, it enhances it and at the same time reveals details about the nature of the plant.

Let's start with the first macro-category, the TYPE : Gres and Enamelled.

Vase in natural stoneware

Enameled vase

Many do not know that it is not just a choice of personal taste, but preferring one to the other, must be dictated by the botanical variant and not only.

Here is a brief outline:

  • NATURAL GRES -> Conifers and ancient plants; the stoneware accentuates the plant's age
  • GLAZED -> Flower and fruit bonsai; the color of the enamel will create the right contrast, enhancing the natural colors of the plant

Olive Bonsai tree in a Natural Gres pot

Bougainvillea bonsai tree in a Blue Glazed pot

It is always important to preserve harmony; ok to a pot with colors that contrast with the plant, but avoid those that are too rude or too decorated pots, they could make the plant go into the background.

The second is undoubtedly the FORM .

Also in this case the choice must be careful and made only on the basis of the plant to be housed.

An easy and immediate method is to observe your bonsai from above and pay attention to the shape of the shadow that the crown projects at its base.

If it is a round shape, choose a round vase, if more square, prefer a rectangular one and so on.

Chosen between stoneware and glazed, now use the handy filters for "SHAPE", you will see only those that interest you.

Third, but not least, HEIGHT .
The secret to choosing the right one is knowing at what altitude our plant is in nature.

The more our botanical variant has origins in the high ground, the higher the pot will be and vice versa.

Let's give some examples:

do you have a waterfall bonsai? In nature you will certainly find it in the mountains, so choose a tall enough pot.

Cascade Juniper Bonsai

Do you have a maple? Its habitat is flat areas, so choose a low pot.

Maple Bonsai

Finally, don't forget the general rule of the trunk diameter.

The greater the diameter of the nebari, the greater the height of the vase.

Easy right?

Do you still have doubts?

Come and visit us or write to us on WhatsAPP we will guide you in choosing the right vase for you!

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