Common Name: PALM MAPLE - Family: ACERACEAE

Can I keep it at home?

Absolutely not, Maple is an outdoor plant.

I live in Southern Italy in areas where it is very hot in summer, can I keep it?

The Maple does not like excessive heat, so if you live in areas where it is very hot in summer, shelter it in cooler and shady areas. From mid-autumn to mid-spring you can keep it in partial shade areas.

How should I prune the Maple?

The most drastic pruning can be done in winter, when the plant is at rest and no sap comes out; you can make the cuts with theoblique cutterstaking care to close the larger cuts with delhardwood mastic. Around May-June you can thin out the new leaves, in order to better penetrate the light inside the plant with onetwigs scissors.

How and how often do you repot?

Given the fact that it develops many roots, it should be repotted every year or 2, after the fall of the leaves or before their emission. The perfect mix of soil does not exist and must be calibrated mainly based on the climate in which you live, but basically a very high percentage ofakadama, mixed with gooduniversal soil. Increase the presence of soil more if you live in very hot areas, as it retains moisture better.

How often should I water it?

Always remember that there is no rule for watering a bonsai (2 times a day, 3 times in 2 days, etc ...) The Maple, in the vegetative phase, requires abundant watering, so never leave the soil completely dry. , but watering depends a lot on the soil used, the exposure, the size of the pot, etc ... You can read this small article onhow to choose the bonsaito better understand what has been said. You can water your bonsai maple with a conveniencewatering can for bonsai.

How can I fertilize Maple?

Fertilize with organic fertilizerHanagokoroorBiogoldtowards the vegetative restart (March), another fertilization towards May and another in autumn. You can integrate fertilization with theSinergona liquid fertilizer to be used 2-3 times a month (rich in microelements and amino acids) throughout the vegetative period, interrupting in the hottest period of summer.

Can I tie it with bonsai wire?

The Maple is basically formed with pruning, given its delicate bark, but if you really need to bend some branches, use somealuminum wire.It is preferable to carry out these operations in the periods of greatest vegetative rest, in order to avoid affecting and damaging the bark.